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August 6, 2020 Patch Notes

  • Apr. 29 2021

Greetings Atlantians!

Here comes the Patch Note for the updates today August 6, 2020!

Please refer to the details below

■Update Details

- Server Refresh

- Rabbits and The Blood Lit Moon

: A new invasion quest is now available. Seek out Dimension Strider Amarieneju and finish her quest line to obtain the new quest.

: Clear her quest to receive an amazing reward.

: Requirement level 140 above.

- New Mercenary Skin

: Himiko - Lady Police

: Washington - Mad Scientist

- New Mount

: Blood Moon

- Collection Book Update

: Added Blood Moon

■ Event

- Hainan Fireworks Festival 2020

: Event Period Extension up to September 3

- Freedom Park

: Event Period Extension up to September 3

■ Item Mall

- Lady Police Package - 1k Gc

: Himiko - Lady Police

: and Free 50 Mercenary Skin Stone

"Obtain the Lady Police Himiko Skin! Witness her highness execute her authority not just by rocking in her Lady Police uniform but through means of serving moral justice!"

- Mad Scientist Package - 1k GC

: Washington - Mad Scientist

: and Free 50 Mercenary Skin Stone

"Obtain the all new Mad Scientist Washington Skin! Patriotic and now a mad genius, watch as Patriot concocts out of the box strategies and rifle slinging skills with this blast-zone induced Mad Scientist Skin. "

■ Fixes

- Invasion Time Changes

- Tweaked difficulty scaling for Invasions

- Rabbit Invasion difficulty is now scaling

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