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Mercenary Madness - Design Contest! 2017

  • Apr. 29 2021

Greetings ATLANTIAN!

Finally 2017 Mercenary Design Contest has begun!

For the first time in Atlantica, this 2017,One of the most sought after Mercenary Event is returning. It's time to create your own Mercenary! Anyone can join from all servers across the globe.

May the best Mercenary design win!


February 9, 2017 (After the Regular Maintenance) - Thursday, March 9, 2017 (Before the Regular Maintenance)

First Phase: Selections (March 9 to March 16)

"Only 12 Mercenary Designs submitted from the entire world will be handpicked by VALOFE. The number of selected designs can be less than 3."

Second Phase: Voting (March 30 - April 13)

"Atlantians from all regions will be voting among these 12 Designs

Once tallied, the Top 3 Mercenary Designs will be announced.

The best Mercenary Design (1st Place) will be developed first and implemented in-game."

Contest Prizes

1st : 20,000 Gcoins+ Mercenary Summon Marble+ Spellbook Set

2nd : 10,000 Gcoins+ Mercenary Summon Marble+ Spellbook Set

3nd : 5,000 Gcoins+ Mercenary Summon Marble+ Spellbook Set

9 Runner-Ups: 3,000 Gcoins each!

10 Lucky Voters from each region will be drawn and given 500 Gcoins!

Prize Distribution Date:

Gcoins: Will be inserted immediately at the end of the voting period. (13th of April)

Mercenary Summon Marble + Skill Book Set: Upon the mercenary release date

How to Register(February 9, 2017 - Thursday, March 9, 2017)

Download the Application Form (doc) from the link below to apply using this exclusive form. Entries and attached files should be sent to the following addresses via email.

email to : 2017_atevent_eu@valofe.com (This email address is for receiving only)

Download the application form.



1. The submitted work must have been produced by you. The design should not infringe any copyrights and image rights of any third parties.

2. All submitted entries will have its copyrights attributed to VALOFE GLOBAL LTD.

3. To participate in this contest (submission of entries or voting), VALOFE ID is required.

4. There are no limitations to the mercenary entries on any of the required weapon theme. The weapon themes for this mercenary contest are: Rifle, Whip, Chainsaw and Fist!

5. Only one (1) entry per VALOFE account.

6. Gcoin Rewards are non-transferable and non-refundable.

7. Event contents, mechanics, and schedule might change anytime without prior notice.

8. The event rewards: "Summon Marbles" and "Spellbook Sets" of  the selected mercenaries to be implemented. These rewards will be distributed at the same time of the in-game implementation.

9. The distribution of the Gcoin rewards will be distributed directly on the winner/s VALOFE ID right after the announcement of the results.

10. The distribution of rewards will be inserted directly in the winner's chosen character. Any misplacement due to wrong information provided will not be reconsidered.

11. In consideration of in-game balance, there would be a possibility of changes on the designated mercenary's class, gender, rank, skills etc.

List on the registration form is required.

Thank you and we are looking forward on your ideas!


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