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  • Apr. 29 2021

ATLANTIANS! Let's play a game! GM Otoshigami invites you to play during these hours!


Wednesday & Friday

[EU Server] 18:00-22:00 CET

➡ Black Sun 18:00-20:00 CET

➡ Blood Moon 20:00-22:00 CET

[Time Reference]




The GM's will ask for in-game items found both in the Surface World and Atlantica. Players that fulfill the requests will receive random rewards. (To determine the rewards, GM will use a randomizer program.)

[List of Possible Rewards]

Event Mount Box x1

Barbaric Mount Box x1

Brutal Mount Box x1

Savage Mount Box x1

Mer. Room License Perm x 1

Colorful Soul Stone x 1

King Arthur's Trophy x1

Holy Warrior's Soul Stone x1

Commodity Box[I] x1

Commodity Box[II] x1

Commodity Box[III] x1

License Box x1

A-Class Merc. Book Box[II] x1

A-Class Merc. Book Box[III] x1

Ancient Book Box x1

Ancient Skill Book Box x1

Ancient Skill Book Box[II] x1

Assorted Rank A Book Box[I] x1

Assorted Rank A Book Box[II] x1

Assorted Rank A Book Box [III] x1

Assorted Rank A Book Box [IV] x1

Atlantis Book Box [I] x1

Atlantis Book Box [II] x1

Axe Book Box x1

B Class Merc Book Box(Event) x1

Grand Book Box x1

Magic Scholar's Book x1

Medieval Book Box x1

Modern Book Box x1

Precious Book Box x1

Rank A Mercenary Magic Book Box x1

Skill Decrease Book Box x1

Ultimate Book Box x1

Bow Book Box x1

Cannon Book Box x1

Christmas Book Box x1

Instrument Book Box x1

Power Saw Book Box x1

Precious Book Box x1

Spear Book Box x1

Sword Book Box x1

Staff Book Box x1

Artisan's Material Box x1

Craftman's Material Box x1

Expert's Material Box x1

Material Box[I] x1

Material Box[II] x1

Mercenary's Wooden Box x1

Mercenary's Bronze Box x1

Mercenary's Steel Box x1

1,000,000,000 Gold

Players will also have a chance to receive an Optional Rewards. Players may choose one reward listed below. (Optional Rewards are included in the random rewards)

Spread the word Ladies and Gents! The time has come to participate and find the Game Masters! See you all inside the game!

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