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Patch Notes - September 7, 2023

  • Sep. 07 2023

Greetings Atlantians!

Version 361090 is here with new Costumes, new Collection Book Effects, and a returning Event!

Please refer to the details below:

- New Mount, Decoration, and Costume set: Lord of Flames

“Obtain Fiamma’s Blessing, Majesty of the Blue Flame, and other essential items!”

- [NEW] Costume

: Apostle of the Red Flame Costume Set

: Apostle of the Blue Flame Costume Set

"Adorn yourself in the Apostle of the Blue Flame Costume Set, and let the frigid force of the Blue Flame flow through your attire."

- [NEW] Collection

: Lord of Flames Set

- [NEW] Mount

: Fiamma’s Protection

: Fiamma’s Blessing

"Embrace Fiamma's Blessing, and channels flames to elevate you above blazing landscapes, granting you a graceful glide during your fiery adventures.”

- [NEW] Decoration

: Majesty of the Red Flame

: Majesty of the Blue Flame

"Adorn the Majesty of the Blue Flame, a regal back decoration that ignites a captivating aura, commanding respect and awe wherever you venture."

- End of Acong Water Park 2023 (Part 1)

“The Acong Water Park is closing down and Exorcist N has already left. Do you have any remaining Dream of Vacance? Head on over to Manager Michael to exchange them in the Rome Bazaar!”

- Beasts' Banquet Hall 2023

: Beasts’ Banquet Hall makes its return for 2023! Visit [EVENT] Goddess Lea in the Rome Plaza to exchange your [EVENT] Beasts’ Valuables for rewards.

- Earn the following hourly login rewards:

: 1st Hour - Beasts' Banquet Hall Ticket x1

: 2nd Hour - Monster Puzzle Piece x5

: 3rd Hour - Monster Puzzle Piece x5

- Lord of Flames Costume, Decoration, and Mount Boxes

“Complete the Lord of Flames Set with these boxes!”

Phantom Joker Owl (Collection Book)

: Corrected the displayed Magic level of [Night Owl’s Gaze] in the collection book (from Lv332 to Lv50).

- Mercenary Skill Improvements:

1. Dragoon (Main Character)

1-1 Flame Spear

* Damage Increase

2. Jeon Woo-chi

2-1 Spirit Echo

* Damage Increase

* Adjusted Mana Cost

2-2  Empowered Aura

* Increased Healing

* Increased Multi-Hit Rate

* Adjusted Mana Cost

2-3 Vital Seal

* Damage Increase

* Adjusted Mana Cost

3. Zhao Yun

3-1 Lightning Spear

* Damage Increase

* Adjusted Mana Cost

4. Leonidas

4-1 War Cry

* Damage Increase

4-2 Sparta

* Increased ATK Buff

* Increased Critical Buff

* Adjusted Mana Cost

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