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Winter Tournament 2022 - Winners

  • Jan. 30 2023

Greetings Atlantians!

Congratulations to qFlamezZ for winning the Winter Tournament 2022 as well as other Atlantians who were able to reach the top ranks!

To all the Atlatians who applied for the event and other Atlantians from around the world who watched the matches within TITAN and through the live stream telecast by our Special Guest, PanicPasta, courtesy of GM Katsy, thank you all for your continuous and unending support!

Presenting our Top 9 Challengers of the Winter Tournament 2022!

Rewards will be sent directly to your character's mailbox along with the participation rewards for all the players who joined the event.


Top 4, please contact GM Kuroyuki to discuss the rewards related to GCOINs worth of item mall products.

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