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Sae's Grand Debut!

  • Jan. 07 2022

In a battle, the clashing of steel and a cacophony of war cries are all that can be heard. Chants to show resilience along with the resounding war horns resonates all over the battlefield. However, this was not the case for a bubbly young lady.

She believes that life isn’t complete without an accompaniment of music and that not everything must be shrouded entirely with misfortune!

Wherever she goes, so do the hyped-up tunes she carries. Her songs give hope to all less fortunate, cheering up anyone she meets along the way. One strum of her guitar, and a sample of her song, can liven up a massive audience!

… As well as an army of Champions!

Introducing SAE, a mystical guitarist that can sway the hearts of both friends and foes! Strumming her electric guitar to both energize her allies and disorient her enemies!

Recruit SAE today, and buckle up for her explosive debut!

Will you be there at her concert?

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