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Google OTP Application

  • Dec. 20 2021

Introducing the Google Authenticator for VFUN!

With the use of the Google OTP, an extra layer of protection will be added to your account.

1. Login to your account at VFUN. VFUN - Want fun? VFUN! (

2. Proceed to your "My Info"

3. Click "Google OTP".

4. Confirm and download Google Authenticator to your mobile phone or browser. Then "Next"

5. Scan the QR code or manually put the key code to Google Authenticator.

6. Once completed, proceed to log in to your account in the game.

7. New Prompt menu will appear for Google OTP.

8. Check the code at Google Authenticator and put the digits on the box.

9. Your account has added a new layer of protection.

We highly recommend enabling the Google OTP feature on your account to protect against potential breaches from hackers in-game.

Thank You and Stay Safe!

Atlantica VALOFE Team

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