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Merlin's Plight

  • Jul. 08 2021

Merlin, a wise man gifted with the powers of divination and countless arts known throughout the school of wizardry, was the famous grand wizard foretold in the Arthurian Legend and King Arthur’s loyal court mage.

His unmatched wizardry and omniscience have aided with the success of Britain; by the means of his prophecies foretelling of the nation’s future.

Under his guidance, Arthur had obtained the magical sword, which is now the young king’s sword of victory, Excalibur, that has been forged from the lush sanctuary of Avalon. With this weapon, he has vanquished countless foes and garnering victories from many a battle. 

He then took the seat as King Arthur’s humble advisor and counselor and advised to establish the knightly fellowship that we know today as the Round Table.

However, further tragedy befalls the wise man. Avalon has been corrupted by dark magic causing fairies and mystical entities to run amok ensuing chaos. Seeing this as a threat to King Arthur and the future of Britain, he immediately took action to smite the darkness despite the inevitable fate that he had envisioned: that he himself will succumb to the mysterious corruption that encased Avalon itself.

Now tainted, Merlin, harnessing the power of the dark, has wrought havoc to Camelot. Corrupting wherever he pleased and even wounding the knights of the Round Table themselves.

Now, Atlantians, it is up to you to help King Arthur bring back and restore the sanctity of Avalon and save Merlin from the corruption. Will you bring back the kind, humble, and wise wizard of the young king? Or join the siege aiding the one consumed by darkness? 

Who will you choose?

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