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Patch Notes - March 18, 2021

  • Apr. 29 2021

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for version 360480! For today’s patch, hope you’ve delivered your chocolates and roses because Valentine’s Day has come to a close.

Today’s patch also gives way to a returning event: St. Patrick’s Day! Today’s event features new rewards and more!

We’ll also showcase some new arrivals for today’s Item Mall Content and some other adjustments.

Please refer to the details below:

- Server Refresh

- New Mount

: Winter Noble’s Snowstorm

- New Decoration

: Ebony Winter Wings

: Ivory Winter Noble Wings

: Black/White Noble Wings

- New Costume

: Winter Noble’s Frosted Hair

: Winter Noble’s Garb

“Nobles of the cold heart of the north have arrived. To be able to manipulate ice at will were these noble’s strongest feats. They are responsible for the almost eternal winter that has encapsulated their mansions, protecting them from the rest of the world…

To possess these sets would mean to be the master of the ice itself. Would one be willing to take advantage of such an amazing frostbitten power?”

: Dragon Garb (of the 4 Dragons)

: Dragon Horns (of the 4 Dragons)

“Followers of the four mighty dragons can now dress for the occasion. A ceremonial outfit set worn to give praise and worship to the various dragons.”

- New Collection Book Set Effect

: Winter Noble Collection

: Dragon God's Protection

: Pharaoh's Reliquary- End of Valentines Event

“The month of hearts has come to an end. The Queen Bee along with her band of Rose Bees have retreated to their hive to plot another way to take over Valentines at another time.

The True Queen of Valentines thanks you for your efforts in stopping this ordeal. Merchant Acong on the other hand will be staying for a while before he can restock his goodies.”

- Start of St. Patrick's Event

“Green Foody and her assistant have returned to report that the St. Patrick crashers are at it again! Her assistant Abigail will be guiding you with her various quests to help you with your St. Patrick Festivity needs. As is tradition, Green Foody is stationed in Rome calling in many Atlantians for the green-filled festivities. I wonder what she has in store this time?”

: Green Foody (Merchant NPC – Location: Rome Gate)

: Abigail (Quest NPC – Location: Rome Gate)

“Obtain a hefty amount of Leprecoins as you complete Abigail’s Daily Quests!”

: New Hourly Giveaway

“For the St. Patrick’s celebration, Leprecoins will be distributed to all players hourly.”

1st Hour: 2 Leprecoins

2nd Hour: 3 Leprecoins

3rd Hour: 5 Leprecoins

4th Hour: 5 Leprecoins

- GM Event

: Renamed GM Events

> Red Light / Green Light - Daruma!

> OX Quiz - Atlantian Quiz

> Monster Fishing - World Monster Fishing

“The GM Events have been updated and renamed for the occasion!”

: Additional rewards for GM Events

: Mercenary Lv. Up Tickets (160,170,180)

“Yong Yong continues to give additional rewards for participating in GM Events! To make it special, an additional tab in his shop will be added solely for GM Event rewards. Check out Yong Yong in Rome: Gate to check out his goods.”- Albius Dragon Costume Puzzle Piece

: Contains Albius Dragon Costume

- Therymathias Dragon Costume Puzzle Piece

: Contains Therymathias Dragon Costume

- Seryannis Dragon Costume Puzzle Piece

: Contains Seryannis Dragon Costume

- Valtazzar Dragon Costume Puzzle Piece

: Contains Valtazzar Dragon Costume

- Winter Noble Mount Puzzle Piece

: Contains Winter Noble Snowstorm

- Winter Noble Puzzle Piece

: Contains Winter Noble Costume

- Winter Noble Decoration Puzzle Piece

: Contains Winter Noble Wings Selection Box

- Spring Puzzle Piece 2021

: Contains Spring Guardian Costume and Spring Season Bonus Boxes

- St. Patrick's Event

: Players can now move to the location of the Event NPC

: Fixed Missing Dialogues

- Yong Yong Exchange

: Another tab has been added to the shop titled "GM Events"

: Contains GM Events related rewards

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