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Atlantica Online Item Design Contest

  • Apr. 29 2021

Greetings Atlantians!

It's time to get creative and showcase your fashion design sense and skills as we are holding a Costume Design Contest contest!


- Players can draw and submit any theme of costume, decoration, and mount that fits within the world of Atlantica.

- Medium of Costume Design Illustration can be traditional and digital.

- Players must submit their entry alongside their character name and server 


You may submit your art until September 30, 2020.

Players may enter any of the three Category and players may also submit entries that covers all Categories.

Costume Category

- Costume (Head)

- Costume (Body)

Mount Category

- Mount

Decoration Category

- Decoration


- Submitted entries must have Front, Rear and Side view of the design.

- Costume Category must contain both the Costume for Head and Body.

- Players must name their items of their entry! Please make sure to avoid choosing obscene or prohibited words for your item's name.

- Extremely risque costumes will be considered invalid entries.


The winning design will be made into in-game items and the player who designed the winning item also gets the full set of items delivered to their character.

Note: For a single entry to be counted for two or three categories, all designs must be placed in the same entry.


Grab those drawing boards!

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