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AOWC Qualification Tournament Rules and Rewards

  • Apr. 29 2021

AOWC Qualification Tournament Rules

  • A maximum of 128 people is allowed to participate in the daily qualification round.

  • The elimination bracket will be determined at random by the GM and will be announced through the official webpage.

  • All competitors must be in the TITAN server on time.

  • Once the "Join AOWC" button appears on the right side of the screen, the player must participate immediately by pressing the button.

  • The Qualifying tournament will be automatically carried out by an in-game system, the matches will be monitored by the GM.

  • If a competitor wins a round, the competitor must remain on the TITAN server to participate on the next round of competition.

  • Once a daily champion is determined, the Qualifying tournament will be over.

  • The top-ranked competitors of the daily qualifiers will go against each other for the FINAL QUALIFYING TOURNAMENT.

  • The top two finalists of the FINAL QUALIFYING TOURNAMENT will be selected to represent their respected region for the AOWC Grand Final in Indonesia.

Qualification Tournament Reward

Qualifying Tournament Guide

  • During the qualifiers, the current equipment, main character level and mercenary level will be applied throughout the tournament

  • Competitors can adjust their gear set-up or formation before the start of the qualifying tournament

  • Round of 128: Single-round match

  • Round of 64: Single-round match

  • Round of 32: Single-round match

  • Round of 16: Single-round match

  • quarterfinals: Single-round match

  • semifinals: Best of three

  • Finals: Best of three

AOWC Competition Rules

  • The tournament host(VALOFE) will be able to finish the development of the tournament server, that will be used for the AOWC finals, three weeks before the tournament date.

  • The tournament server settings will be based on the ATNA server standard.

  • The tournament host will provide accounts for the participants to be able to enter the tournament server.

  • Several merchant NPCs will be placed around Rome to allow participants to purchase equipment, mercenary summon items, skill books, costumes, decorations and mounts.

  • Each participant will be provided an account with the same amount of gold or currency, which will give them their own choice and develop a proper strategy with limited resources.

  • All participants must complete their set-up before the start of the Grand Final. The host might not be able to provide assistance on the participant's character set-up due to the broadcasting time and Grand Final operations.

AOWC Grand Final Reward


  • Participants who have failed to attend on the scheduled date and time of the tournament will be automatically eliminated.

  • Participants who have been proven to undergo foul play or any unethical acts during the tournament, such as abusing and cheating will be disqualified.

  • The host might not be able to assist the competitors on their personal preference in their PC set-up during the tournament.

  • If the highest ranking qualifying player is not able to attend the AOWC Grand Final, the next highest ranking player will be selected to participate.

  • All accommodation and flight expenses will be covered by the host.

  • For the monetary rewards of the tournament, the prize money given to the contestant will undergo according to their respective region's tax law or the Indonesian tax law.

  • The schedule and rules of the AOWC Grand Final may be changed by the host at any given moment depending on the situation. The changes will be announced publicly through the official website.

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