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Atlantica Online World Championship [UPDATE]

  • Apr. 29 2021

A battle of tactics and strategy, Atlantica Online.

Last June 28, the registration for Altantica Online World Championship (AOWC) has begun. This is the first world convention after the transfer of the game to VALOFE. We would like to invite you to participate in the upcoming tournament.

The Atlantica VALOFE TEAM members are working very hard to implement the big event. Before proceeding to the qualifiers for the AOWC, these are the rewards for the league tournament representative.

Please refer to the following details:

[AOWC Rank Compensation Guide]

1st place: 30,000 Bonus GC + 1st place limited + AOWC finals entry + participation award + 9 new weapon box x1

2nd prize: 10,000 Bonus GC + 2nd prize + AOWC finals + participation prize + 8 new weapon boxes x 2

Preliminary 3rd and 4th lectures: Exclusive Title + Participation Award +7 New Weapon Box x 2

Tournament quarter-finalist: AOWC 8th Round title + +5 new weapon box x 2

Preliminary Round 16: Round 16 Title + Participation Prize +3 New Weapon Box x 2

All participants: Blessing License 15 days / No Trade

20 of the participants Lottery: 195 new weapons boxes x 2 kinds

Tournament Rewards: Rewards will be made during the regular maintenance next week after the tournament.

Participation Prize (Consolation): Blessing License (No Trade) 15 days

[AOWC participation compensation guide]

Content: Regardless of win or lose, you will receive a reward item for each participant.

Reward Item: 3 Chocolates in Love, 3 Friendship Chocolate

Ex) If a player wins four times in the preliminary round and loses one time, he participates in the game five times in total. We will give each 15 pieces of friendship chocolate.

AOWC winner will bring blessing to their home server!

Contents: The winner of the tournament will bring 20% EXP bonus time buffs. This buffs have a duration time of one week after the AOWC qualifiers is over. The bonus time buff applied does not exceed + 200%.

Example: If the winner of the tournament is from Europe representative, all EU servers will have a 20% bonus experience buffs for a week.

[Precautions for Compensation for AOWC Preliminary Competition]

※ AOWC rank compensation is not cumulative.

※ AOWC participation compensation will be paid cumulatively as many times as you have participated in the game after all qualifying matches are over.

※ If you give up the right to advance to the finals, the ranking will be transferred to the next participants in the ranking.

※ The above is also the case when the qualification for participation in the event is removed due to personal circumstances and operational policy violation after obtaining the right to enter the finals.

※ If you are participating in a match with a match-making operation or other unusual method, it will affect the ranking of other participants and the result of the match.

We will not pay any accumulated rewards along with any remaining withdrawals from the competition.

※ The G coin paid as a reward is valid for 90 days and cannot be recovered when it expires.

※ The G coin paid as a reward is not refundable with the Bonus G coin.

※ All rewards will be paid in a lump sum after the finalists of AOWC finals are confirmed after the preliminaries are over.

In addition, there will be a random lucky viewers during the live stream of AOWC competition. Also stay tune for more AOWC related events during the span of the tournament. Awesome rewards will be waiting for the event winners.

The participants of AOWC qualifiers will be announce on July 18, 2019 at 21:00 PST.

We would like to invite you to participate on our AOWC league qualifiers. For registration, please refer to this link: http://at.valofe.com/.

We will be waiting! Thank you.


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