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New Search Robots

  • Apr. 29 2021

With todays update we are happy to introduce you three new tiers of search robots that will assist you on your journey in Atlantica Online.

Tier B

These search robots can decimate your enemies with powerful basic attacks.

  • Frank Reade, our beloved Punisher will attack the enemy and apply Tarkan's Cleaving Blow skill to the enemy. Anything that survives his attacks will die faster to your attacks.

  • Morrighan, from Valhalla, comes with her Winterskin costume and Druid's Beast Soul to buff your attacks.

  • Verdandi, left her sisters behind and uses Ching Ya's Drunken Fist skill to boost your attack and multi-hit on the cost of a little health and defense.

Tier A

For the Tier A robot four mercenaries with good passive skills decided to join in on the fun. Turning into a search robot lowered the strength of their boosts a little, but they will be happy to provide you with buffs and loot the fallen foes' corpses.

  • Hwarang If you are a Marksman and you love your passive skill and your raid partner has been asking you to change to Empress' Blessing for forever, so you can actually win a raid for once. This might just be the thing for you! Win raid and still have this awesome buff in your normal PvE fights.

  • Sylvie, enemies dodgin' too much? Fear no more! Have Sylvie's buff without having to use a slot on a cannon mercenary! She is also wearing her fancy phoenix dress.

  • Pirate - want that extra attack and mult-hit for your main or your clown, butr don't have enough slots left in formation? You might want to check out this search robot then.

  • Taoist - Are you a spearmain? Do you want to crit down those bosses faster? Try the Taoist search robot with this awesome multi-hit buff.

Tier S

So far two mercenaries joined us for the S class tier and these are here:

  • Vampire - Got hit by that evil Minotuar in OT 14 again? Vampire shall mend your wounds.

  • Gigas - Maybe darkness and cold coffins are not your thing...we got something heart-warming with Guardian of Love Gigas! With the power of love (and lots of Atlantean technology) he will restore hp to your whole formation.


This is a limited time offer only! Don't miss the chance to recruit them into your formation!!!


Atlantica Team

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