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Top-Up GCoins using Cherry Credits!

  • Apr. 29 2021

Hey Atlantians!

Have you ever wondered whatever powered our own very world? It's you and everybody else that's playing the game! You heard it right, folks, it's you who have made this game wonderful and we believe that it'll only continue to be far more amazing than it is now when everyone else are enjoying the game. Right now, the best possible way we can enhance your journey in Atlantica is by expanding the universe, hosting awesome events, and giving you what you want as long as we deem it fit.

As of now, you can grind your way to being the best that you can be in the game which is great in its own way and is proof enough of how dedicated you are to Atlantica. We can only push you to get there perhaps maybe sooner and/or easier by the use of GCOINS. There are several ways to get GCOINS but when it comes convenience, Cherry Credits is your friend!

Easy, isn't it? There are tons of stuff you can buy in the Item Mall right now that can help you in your adventure across the world. We can't wait to see you at your strongest. But always remember, it's not only the purchases that you make in the game can make you better, the bonds that you make along makes you and others amazing.

See you all inside the game,

VALOFE Operations Team

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